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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Your Questions About Prenuptial Agreements

Whether you're considering a prenup or just curious about how they work, here we aim to provide clear and informative answers to some of the most common questions people have about prenuptial agreements.

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What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenup, is a legal agreement made between two individuals before marriage that outlines how assets and debts will be divided in the event of divorce or death.

Why should I consider a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can provide financial protection and peace of mind by clarifying how assets and debts will be handled in the event of a divorce. It can also help prevent disputes and lengthy legal battles in the future.

Do I need a lawyer to create a prenuptial agreement?

While it is possible to create a prenup without a lawyer, it is highly recommended to consult with an experienced prenuptial agreement attorney to ensure that the agreement is legally binding and covers all necessary aspects.

What is included in a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can address a wide range of items, including the division of assets and debts, spousal support (alimony), inheritance rights, and other financial matters.

Can a prenuptial agreement be challenged in court?

Yes, a prenuptial agreement can be challenged in court under certain circumstances, such as if it was not executed properly, if it contains false information, or if it is deemed to be unfair.

Can a prenuptial agreement address child custody and support?

No, a prenuptial agreement cannot dictate child custody or support arrangements, as these issues are determined based on the best interests of the child at the time of divorce.

When should you create a prenuptial agreement?

It is recommended to create a prenuptial agreement well in advance of the wedding, as rushing the process can lead to mistakes or disputes later on.

Can a prenuptial agreement be modified after marriage?

Yes, a prenuptial agreement can be modified after marriage, but both parties must agree to the changes and the modification must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

Is a prenuptial agreement necessary for every marriage?

No, a prenuptial agreement is not necessary for every marriage. It is a personal decision that depends on individual circumstances and preferences. If you are unsure, speaking with an attorney could help you make a well based decision. 

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