This Law firm is truly the best team I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are worth every penny that you pay them and more. I hadn’t seen my daughter in almost 2 years and they went to war for me. I mean it was crazy how hard they worked to get me my parental rights. Their team is so strong that my baby’s mother’s law firm had to send 3 lawyers just to battle one of Steven’s well-trained lawyers. He fought off 3 soulless devils and finally won custody /visitation for me. Robert Curtis is a warrior in the courtroom and totally destroyed the evil lawyers that were trying their best to burn down my life. Anthony is an incredible lawyer too. He is just amazing support. Their assistant Jenny is the greatest thing next to being your mother because of the way that she sincerely cares about you during the process. I truly used to despise lawyers until I met Steven Stolar and his associates. They are like the Super Friends of Law Firms!!!!! Steven Stolar for Mayor!!!!!!!!!