We’ve all seen those reality shows where couples scream at each other on opposite sides of a family law courtroom while going through their divorce. These shows have made people believe all divorces are warzones, but frankly, that’s not true. Many couples are aiming to skip courtroom proceedings entirely by using divorce mediation.


Divorce mediation is a separation process where the partners meet with an attorney to go through and finalize the details of their divorce. When using this method, couples can skip courtroom proceedings entirely if they agree on how finances and property should be split.

As opposed to entering a courtroom to fight over the details of the divorce, couples who use divorce mediation will go over the details together. With this in mind, divorce mediation is for couples who aren’t prone to argue and who can talk things out without losing their cool. However, divorce mediation can be used for parts of the divorce, which means couples can save money by using mediation for things they generally agree on, and litigation for things they know they don’t agree on.

It is crucial to note that when couples agree on something during a divorce mediation process, it is not set in stone until the divorce is finalized. Therefore, if someone is prone to change their mind often, divorce mediation may not be the right choice.

Benefits of divorce mediation:

  • Saves time;
  • Saves money;
  • More laid-back than disputed divorce;
  • More collaborative;
  • Divorce proceedings remain private;
  • Mediation process is flexible.

Negatives of divorce mediation:

  • Disagreements in mediation can lead to litigation afterward;
  • Items agreed on are not finalized until the end of the divorce;
  • Strong personalities can overpower quiet personalities.

If you and a loved one are interested in saving money and time in your divorce, it is imperative that you look into divorce mediation. If you have any questions about this process or are interested in learning more, contact Stolar Law Group for more information!

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